How to Book an Appointment

We’ve made it easy for you to get in touch with us and book an appointment.

At the moment you can book a face to face appointment with your chosen branch of Celtic Hearing – either Swansea or Carmarthen.

Click this button to book a face to face appointment.

If you need wax removal please complete this also.

You can book appointments at either our Carmarthen or Swansea branches for –

  • Wax removal (£40 one ear, £60 both + face to face supplement) 30 Mins
  • Video ear health check (face to face fee) 15 Mins
  • Hearing assessment (face to face fee) 1 hr
You need to click “book a face to face appointment” and complete the Covid-19 triage form. You will then have access to our online booking system.
If your request is for wax removal you will also need to complete the online wax removal consent form.
Thank you for your cooperation in this difficult time.
Please contact us if you feel you will have difficulty with this or your request isn’t covered.
Please note the “face to face” supplement is £20 which covers our costs for the extra measures we have put in place to ensure we are Covid secure.

For any other queries please contact us by clicking here.

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