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Are you missing something…..?

Do you struggle to hear in background noise ? If you miss parts of conversation in a Supermarket, at a Restaurant or even on the Television you may have a hearing loss. Try our on-line hearing questionnaire.

If you have difficulties hearing young children, people with soft voices or unusual accents a hearing test will identify whether or not you have a loss. We will also give you a copy of your results and pass on (with your approval) any relevant information that is needed to your G.P.

Sensorineural or Hair-Cell Hearing-Loss is very common, affecting as many as two in five people over fifty. The condition is known as Presbyacusis. It arises from degradation of the nerve hairs that pick-up sounds in your cochlea. The condition can worsen with age, exposure to noise and certain toxic substances. Hearing-Aids are an effective way of dealing with the condition. Mild or moderate losses can benefit from the new Open systems on the market, which provide a discreet and comfortble improvement especially for hearing in background noise.

Conductive Hearing-Losses result from a breakdown in the links that transport sound from outside the head to the Cochlea. Wax blockage can give rise to a mild conductive loss. Your G.P. will be able to advise you of the best methods for dealing with a conductive loss depending on how deaf you are and the options available.

However the deafness arises lots of people benefit from hearing aids, and for some they provide their connection with the outside world.

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