How do you want your hearing instrument to look? A complete range of styles are available. Some models like the Delta are based around an unique style, while other types of product are available across a complete range of models from the smallest in-the-ear to a conventional behind-the-ear. Have a look at our styles page to see what is available, but remember that your hearing-aid choice may be limited by the level of your hearing loss.

Please use our Technology Jargon Buster to help explain the meaning of some of the terms used below.

Each of the links leads to a manufacturer page offering information about that manufacturers products.

Starkey Destiny – A multi-model range of both in-the-ear (ITE) and behind-the-ear (BTE) products. Digital soundscape processing, robust hardware and one of the best feedback (whistling) control systems available make this a great choice for users who want convenient, small hearing instruments. Starkey were the first company to introduce in-the-ear (ITE) and the new Destiny series allows this type of aid to be fitted to most hearing losses.

Phonak Micro-Power – Utilising the small body of the open product range, Phonak have cleverly stretched the boundaries of the ‘receiver in the ear’ (RITE) technology to offer a custom built power solution which deals with severe hearing loss in a tiny behind the ear package. Phonak Savia products now offer cutting edge technology in the ‘Open‘ fitting market. Recently the ‘UNA’ product completes the range with an entry level system to suit the budget conscious customer.

Oticon Delta 4000, 6000 and 8000 – ‘the first Open hearing systems that people actually want’.

Unitron Moda and Moxi – Two separate ranges of Open fitting technology from the Canadian manufacturer. The Moxi product utilises the RITE platform while the entry level Moda 3 mini BTE offers excellent value for first time customers.

Bernafon BRITE,- A superb receiver in the canal fitting which takes this style of hearing aid to the next level. Excellent sound transparency and comfort.

GN Resound Air+ and the Widex M series: great for mild and moderate losses where the user does not want the ear blocked (occluded).

Oticon Syncro 2 – one of the best systems currently available, featuring tri-state noise management, dynamic directionality and data-logging to record the situations where the aid is used.

Siemens Acuris – cleverly uses information from both ears to determine noise and program settings. Now available in an ‘Open’ version for ultimate comfort and clarity.

GN Resound Metrix – one of the newest products on the market, aiming to be the most refined, best processing, natural sounding system available.

Phonak Savia – great system featuring data-logging, high level processing and a personal management system.

Oticon Vigo and Vigo Pro – bringing artificial intelligence to the mid-priced hearing sector.

Bernafon Win – Our entry level hearing system, well featured and economically priced.

Please also note that (with a balanced loss) in most difficult listening situations you will hear better with two moderately priced Hearing Aids than one expensive one.

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