Hearing Test

Hearing Test

Regular hearing tests are vital as deterioration can happen gradually. The sooner issues are detected the easier they are to help and to adjust to. Seeking help early can reap greater benefits and help protect those cognitive processes that enable the individual to hear speech in challenging environments.

We are here to help

Both Stephen Bright and Rebecca Wylie are highly experienced Hearing Aid Audiologists with over 30 years’ experience between them.

We can offer: –


A visual inspection of your ears. If you think you may have a wax blockage or are experiencing itchiness and irritation in your ears, or you’ve noticed reduced hearing ability – let us check it out for you. Using a Video Otoscope you can see for yourself what the issue is. We will give advice and recommendations; you can then decide for yourself what you feel your best course of action is.


Not sure how well you’re hearing, never had a test before? Perhaps family or friends comment, but you feel your hearing is OK? Allow us to find out for you.

A hearing check – is a short appointment in which we will test some key speech frequencies. This will confirm that your hearing is within a normal range or if a hearing loss is present, you can ask questions (we love this) and we will advise you on your options. You will then be able to decide what your next step to better hearing will be. This could be-

A comprehensive hearing assessment. We understand you are an individual, a person who experiences and interprets sound in a way unique to you. We will take the time to understand how your hearing loss affects your life, discuss with you (dare I say it) your fears, hopes and goals. We will openly discuss the findings of your assessment with you. We will work together to help you to hear as well as possible.  

If this is the first time you’re having a comprehensive hearing assessment, or perhaps the first time you’re considering trying a hearing aid; it is really useful to bring a close family member or friend to the appointment. We refer to these people as being “main communication partners.” We understand that hearing loss affects them at least as much and in lots of cases – more than the person with the loss. They can offer extra insights into the challenges; will help you recall everything that was discussed (2 heads are better than 1) and be there for support with any decisions you may want to make.

If you are an experienced hearing aid user please wear your hearing aid to your appointment. We may be able to offer ongoing help with it or make you aware of systems available today and how they may help to improve your hearing. As always, we welcome your main communication partners.

As you will always see Steve (in Carmarthen) and Rebecca (in Carmarthen/Swansea) you will receive continuity in your aftercare. Our aftercare service ensures you can be confident you will get the very best from your hearing technology for years to come.

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